Working Papers

Chavda, Ankur, The Limits of Ambidexterity: Evidence from Netflix’s Entry (February 1, 2020). HEC Paris Research Paper No. SPE-2020-1361. 

Chavda, Ankur, The Effect of Asset Ownership on Project Selection: Evidence from 1970’s Television (December 14, 2019). HEC Paris Research Paper No. SPE-2019-1356. 

Chavda, Ankur, The Downside of Staged Development: Evidence from Television Shows (December 13, 2019). HEC Paris Research Paper, No. SPE-2019-1357.

Chavda, Ankur, Does the Marginal Entrepreneur Matter? (January 14, 2020). HEC Paris Research Paper No. SPE-2020-1360.

Refereed Journal Articles

Chavda, Ankur and Jegers, Marc, The Effects of Leniency Programs and Fines on Cartel Stability. Metroeconomica, Vol. 58, No. 2, pp. 231-243, May 2007.